Viral information about Covid-22, Is it True?

Viral Covid-22

Covid-22 has been a trending topic of discussion these days. A single claim caused a worrisome situation throughout the world. ‘Sai Reddy’ was the one behind this theory of viral COvid-22. He is an associate professor of systems and synthetic … Read more

Coronavirus can increase due to Wildfire Smoke

Covid-19 risks The fourth wave of coronavirus is rapidly increasing. People should get the vaccine doses as soon as possible. Not only Corona but many other factors caused disaster in the environment. Wildfire was one of them. It caused a … Read more

Covid made an appearance again, a fourth wave

Covid-19 Delta Variant concept with graphics

Covid-19 Delta variant The coronavirus pandemic has been around now for more than two years. It decreased eventually but with removing lockdown, Corona made an appearance again. It’s been three waves around in Pakistan. Moreover, the government suggests getting vaccinated … Read more

Florida Covid Cases

Florida Covid-19 Cases

Covid-19 Covid-19 did a lot of damage to the world for the past whole year. The pandemic caused a disturbance in the environment and a lot of people lost their loved ones to this disease. It was most dangerous if … Read more