Jannat Mirza | Highest Followers on Tiktok in Pakistan

Who owned TikTok:

Tiktok is a Chinese platform where people tend to make videos and share them with the world. It is owned by “ByteDance”, a Chinese company. In China, it is known as “Douyin” so TikTok is an international name for it. It was released in China market in September 2016. It merged with another Chinese social media service, Musical.ly.  Now who has the Highest Followers on Tiktok in Pakistan.

TikTok was available worldwide on 2 August 2018. It is a social media platform where the user can make a video of 15 seconds to a minute long (three minutes maximum) related to different genres from comedy to education, from dance to stunts. Some people also promote their talents and art through this platform. 

What are the Viral trends and how people are crazy about it

TikTok is famous for creating lip-synced videos, comedy stuff, and meme materials. The user creates short videos which can be edited, filtered with an adjustable video speed. Music of different genres is also be added in the background. Other than that, it also has a Duet feature where the user can add their video with someone’s original content. It is accessible in more than 75 languages and available in over 150 markets. The videos can be uploaded on TikTok and also shared on other social media platforms. In October 2020, TikTok crossed around 2 billion users worldwide.

Jannat Mirza has Highest followers on TikTok in Pakistan 

Jannat Mirza has the highest followers on TikTok in Pakistan. She has more then 14 Million Followers with more then 393.5 Million Likes on her videos. She belongs to Faisalabad. At the age of 20, she started to entertain her followers with her videos and become a famous star on TikTok. In the video of the Punjabi song titled Shayar, Jannat Mirza was offered to work and she performed brilliantly. It received over 16 million views on YouTube. With the highest followers on TikTok, this will open opportunities for Jannat Mizra in the world of entertainment. 

TikTok banned

TikTok faced many troubles regarding its content as people started to spread false data and unethical content through this platform. Many countries banned it and Donald Trump also threatened to ban it in September 2020. The app was also becoming quite addictive making its audience spend a lot of time watching videos. Moreover, cyberbullying was also getting common on this app. On 9 October 2020, Pakistan banned TikTok for its improper and immoral content. But the ban reversed after 10 days. Then again, in March 2021, the Pakistani court ordered a new ban on TikTok because of some complaints claiming indecent content. This might also cause damage to TikTok celebrities’ fame. 

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