Jazz Cash Payoneer Complete Guide & Account Setup 2021


Jazz Cash previously known as MobiCash was first launched in 2012 by Mobilink. They started it in partnership with Waseela Band, later renamed Mobilink Microfinance Bank. JazzCash also started to provide digital payment services via QR code after becoming partners with MasterPass.

JazzCash is like a branchless bank account of a user that allows them to make online payments and is a mobile wallet. It is also used to transfer money from one user to another user of JazzCash. In the year 2020, JazzCash partnered with Payoneer opening a new and feasible way for freelancers to withdraw their funds from their Payoneer account through JazzCash wallet.

Jazz Cash Payoneer

JazzCash Payoneer provides an opportunity the freelancing in Pakistan. They are paid for their services by directly linking their Payoneer with their JazzCash account and receives funds. Freelancers are now allowed to register themselves for a Payoneer account via the JazzCash account application or simply link their current Payoneer account with JazzCash. There are no requirements for making new bank branches or to provide any documents for opening an account.

Receiving of money through Payoneer

The money is received directly to the user by the Freelancer’s Mobile Account. The amount can be utilized to pay bills, transfer money or making online payments, purchase Mobile Top-ups, etc. Moreover, the funds or money can also be withdrawn by visiting any of 80,000+ JazzCash agents or a nearby ATM. JazzCash pioneer opened new ways for international payments that also with any complex methods.

How to create a Jazz Cash Payoneer account?

  • Select Payoneer From JazzCash App.
  • Select “Create Payoneer Account”.
  • You will be directed to a secured page for providing personal information.
  • At the last step make sure the same 24 digit IBAN “PK29JAZZ0000000000000001” in capital letters is typed to complete the process. This is JazzCash default IBAN for Payoneer registrations.
  • Open JazzCash App and Select the Payoneer.
  • Go through the Steps before Selecting Link Account.
  • Provide your Payoneer Username/Email and Password to Proceed.
  • You will be directed to a secured page to enter personal information.

How can you withdraw funds from JazzCash Payoneer?

  • Select Payoneer from JazzCash App.
  • Enter the amount (in Dollars) which you wish to withdraw.
  • Just Remember that 2% will be Jazz Cash fee , which is way better than the bank transfer.
  • Review the withdrawal details and provide MPIN/Finger Print verification.
  • You will receive a confirmation receipt on successful withdrawal.

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