Tara Sharif, 11 year old beats IQ tests’ Historical Records

By the grace of Almighty, Pakistan has many talented people who made their nation proud and also were known internationally. One of the names among them is “Tara Sharif”, daughter of Hussain Hamdam Iranian. 11-year-old Tara Sharif beats Einstein’s record of IQ test. She is a Pakistani- Iranian who break the IQ test record of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. A girl born in the area of Balochistan, Dasht Kocho Zareen and also has Iranian nationality. She is currently a student at Aylesbury High School, London. It is a proud moment for our country that 11-year old Tara Baloch beats Einstein and Hawking IQ score. This is a very huge accomplishment on her part and we hope for her bright future.

The record-breaking score of IQ Tests 

Tara participated in a non-verbal IQ test in Oxford and scored 162 numbers. The IQ score of Einstein and Hawking is 160. So, Tara left behind Einstein and Hawking by two points. 160 IQ is known to be a “Genius Benchmark” and she crossed it. She was able to manage the time and understand the questions properly before answering them, which was an effective move. Furthermore, she said about her plans for the future that, “When I am older, I would like to pursue something related to mathematics.”

Proud of Pakistan

Her father said that he was very surprised at her daughter’s capabilities and is very proud of her. Not only her father, but the out whole nation is very proud of her. She is a real prodigy and left everyone amazed with her intelligence. Now she can also join an IQ society, known to be “Mensa Society” which is a huge honor. She is among individuals who are proud of Pakistan.

Just like Tara Sharif, there are many more such intellectual and hardworking individuals in Pakistan. They should all be encouraged to come forward and show their potential. Moreover, our government should support talented people as they are going to be the future of this nation. They will help in making Pakistan a developing and better country.

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