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On Monday, May 10, Texas covid cases rose to 2.93 million with more than 50K deaths. The Texas hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients with an increasing number of hospitalizations across the state. On average, the number of covid cases in Texas is rising to 2,500 confirmed cases daily.

Molecular tests known as PCR tests and antigen tests called rapid tests have been conducted. With more accuracy of PCR tests, the positivity rate is 10%, a concerning situation.


Tarrant County of Texas has reported 4 deaths and 122 confirmed cases on Sunday. The people that were taken by the COVID-19 aged above the 50s, all with underlying high-risk health conditions. Further, 87 cases were confirmed while 35 were likely to be infected as well. The numbers covid cases in Texas took the death toll to 3,454. 

Whereas the Dallas County officials reported 300K new coronavirus cases with a death toll of 3928 on Saturday. Clay Jenkins, the Dallas County Judge said that last week was a more relaxing time of the year since the spread of COVID-19 due to a decrease in cases. The daily average number of confirmed cases is 242.

In Collin County, 104 cases were added with no new deaths on Sunday. The number of COVID-19 cases totaled up to 90,548 with 829 deaths. About 75 people were hospitalized due to the virus this Friday.

As of Friday, the Denton County officials confirmed around 74,882 coronavirus cases with a death toll of 495. While 35 people were hospitalized due to their alarming situation.

The Texas Department of State Health Services took over to report for the rest of the other North Texas counties. The Texas covid cases in other counties are reported as following:

  • The Rockwall County reported 11,513 cases of which 9,281 are confirmed and 2,232 probable cases with 153 deaths.
  • The Kaufman County reported 16,042 cases of which 13,377 confirmed cases and 2,665 probable with 256 deaths.
  • Ellis County reported 22,765 cases of which 18,901 confirmed cases and 3,864 probable with 310 deaths.
  • The Johnson County reported 19,779 cases of which 16,778 confirmed cases and 3,001 probable with 367 deaths.
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The second-largest state of the US in terms of area and population, only a few people have yet to receive the second dose of coronavirus vaccine, while 40% of the population 16 and older have been fully vaccinated.

According to the Texas state’s COVID-19 data, 780K people in Tarrant County received one dose of covid vaccine, while 609K people of the county’s population were completely vaccinated. More than 1 million citizens in Dallas County have received the vaccine with 779K immunized. 486K people in Collin County received at least one dose of the covid vaccine while 385K people are fully vaccinated. In Denton County, 382K people received at least one dose of covid vaccine, while 303K people of the county’s population are vaccinated.

Across the state of Texas, people aged 16 and older are fully vaccinated and immunized against the virus. The counties reported a decrease in the number of Texas covid cases as the ICUs bed occupancy has lessened to 86%.

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